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4 Haziran 2014 Çarşamba

Second round with my Dukan adventure, still losing weight, now I am JUST OVERWEIGHT

My adventure with Dukan is going on.
After I ate in abundance for time, I got on track again. I've started again in Aug 22nd (after a magnificent holiday dinner). This time it is not as fast as the first time. Even though I had done a 10 day attack...
Yet I have lost 3,5 kg's in less than a month. I have lost 4,5 kg's (24 kg's in total) since Aug 22nd.
I can now wear size 42 pants. Now BMI doesn't tell me that I am obese, just overweight. I will be normal, too hopefully.
Since I have gained 45 kg's after I got married, I have a long way to go, but I won't quit.
I have come across this picture in a blogger friend's page( I wanted to use it since it defines my state of mind. She has found it from
I no longer could write a new article. Tonight I took action after a video sent to me by a friend of mind: I was so moved that I couldn't help but write this in Facebook: “Thanks a lot to my brother Andre who has shared this with me. He has made me cry tonight. I know so well both the feeling of pain for being fat, and being mocked and also the feeling of being admired for having an extraordinary voice, I have experienced it all.. Even when I was thin, I personally have experienced the mocking at first at the impromptu conservatory entrance exam and then the change in the looks of admiration after I have started singing. I have seen that many of my overweight friends' being mocked and then adored and vigorously applauded after started singing. Please think once again before being prejudiced, acting according to their looks and hurting them. Hurting them you are dulling the jewel hidden in them. Everybody!!! has an extraordinary side to them; please think once again before opening your mouth, giggling or rolling your eyes.”

Watch this video of
Susan Boyle ( and think once again to whom you have been prejudiced to. This video has made me cry my eyes out again. (
See that a woman of 47 years old who follows her dreams can make a duet with a singer that she adores (she sings better than her by the way)... See that the actor/singer she adores visits her... See how her feminine beauty comes out with a few touches after being mocked for looking masculine
, that it is not too late for anything, that how people lock people in their shells with their prejudices. It is up to you to crack your shell...
And this is the summary of how her dreams came true.
After this video, I remembered that I have to share an article of my clinical pyschologist sister 'cause it just suits the topic. (the need to be perfect)
When I think of it, I have been hurt so many times... Most of the time I wasn't obese, not even overweight: My vocal coach who was thinking that I was fat (although I was not, I was like a babe) had changed the choreography for I would be wearing tights on stage. For years, I have been confronted with just words at work: “The ground has rocked when you have entered the room”, “ are you going for lunch, 'you don't need it”, “ if I had so much fat I wouldn't be cold either” and many more... And when I lost weight people were warning me not to gain again. The saleswomen do not show interest to you, if your are fat they say that they have nothing suitable for you. What the hell???? Who cares??? But I see that those words who hit you like nails have scars.
If you remember my last article ( saying that whenever I see thin people in the street or on TV, I eat more... Now it is just the opposite: whenever I see people on TV or in the street, I feel the urge to go near them and tell them “try this diet, even I have succeeded, at least your health will change for the better, your body will be more comfortable, so is your life” Of course, ı can not 'cause I have the risk of hurting them. Months ago, ı had watched a show of Saba Tumer on TV hosting Efsane Guler who had lost 78 kg's in 18 months. She had looked ta her former pictures and laughed and mocked so bad that I had hurt inside. 'cause at that time there are many people who are still fat and look like those pictures and I am sure that those giggling and words may have hurt them.
I have no blood relation to Dr. Dukan ( I have no need to support him), yet it is so similar to the diet applied to me by Dr. Osman Bulutlar with which I had lost 20 kg's; these type of diets suit me so well.
I have found this picture and been horrified. Even my family doesn't remember me like this, but it is real. Love is blind. There is no Photoshop. I have shown you the whole picture so you can see the difference between me and the bride, my arms are almost twice the size. I have been no longer been me. That's why people can not recognize me. My neighbor who have known me as a thin person couldn't recognize me when I was obese and this year she couldn't recognize me again when I have lost weight:) another neighbor of mine had told me that she recognized me by my voice:)
Here I am with two new articles: one is on "what I am living through and feeling" and the other is "what I have been eating"...
I am asking you have you ever been fat? People who have never been obese, or even fat can not know how a fat person feels, thinks and lives. Yes he can empathize; but he can not feel deep inside the burden of a fat person. 
Don't misunderstand: I don't mean that dietitians or psychologists who are not fat can not help. On the contrary, since a thin person knows how to be thin, she can teach you to think like a thin person. I have benefited a lot from my conversations with my clinical psychologist sister who is like model ( She has always supported me.Yes, she ethically can not perform therapy on acquaintances/relatives; but she has supported her sister as a woman, a sister, motivated her, pushed, forced me to set a date to start again when I got off track.
When I have first started dieting my sister had bought me a book: "Beck Diet Solution"
I have read this book and Dukan Diet book simultaneously. I even mixed them up at times, since they backed each other up. I have learned a lot from this book an dI recommend it. Have I applied it all? No but even remembering is helpful. The main 2 things I remember from this book is:
  • Not to eat standing (I admit I still can not apply it). It has forced me to out stickers on the fridge and all around the house saying "sit" but I am lazy at performing.
  • The other is: telling me not to say I can keep it in mind, but made me write down a list of why I want to lose weight and carry it around with me and during the day take it out and look at it especially when I feel like quitting. Do I still do it? No, but I should. When I found the list in my purse a few days ago, I noticed that I have reached many of my goals and was happy for it. 
I will share some of them which are not so private, so that you may see that you may be thinking the same and it may form an example for your own list...

For example:
  • I can be more healthy (my back aches less, I can even do ironing)
  • My aches has diminished
  • I had written that ı can live longer for my child (God knows, but at least I had taken steps towards that direction),
  • I had passed one more level to be more beautiful and attractive.
  • Being able to wear my old clothes and shoes (especially wearing the high-heels without being tired)  I have even been on stage with high-heels yesterday
  • I can easily find clothes and shoes (yes I can shop from ordinary stores now)
  • To be able to do sports more easily. I have started sports again in Oct 1st. :) (I can do the pilates movements I couldn't do 2 years ago, I am glad that my hands and feet can touch each other. 
  • My risk for diabetes would decrease, I guess I am getting far from that.
  • I can breathe more easily (yes I no longer pant)
  • I can sing more easily (yes I sing in a chorus now)
  • It is more easy to reach down and pick something up and get up from the floor 
  • I can easily wear my socks
  • It will be easier to find stocking this winter
  • It is better to wait for the summer to swim more comfortably next to acquaintances, but it is better than nothing. I say "more comfortably" 'cause I never deprived myself from swimming even when I was obese. 
  • I can do my manicure and pedicure by myself again
  • I can wear my rings, and most of all my wedding ring
  • I can find a watch and wear it. I even took out a part of its chain. I no longer need to wear a men's watch. PS: Keep in mind that the largest female watches can be found in Tchibo
  • I did it once and can do it again
  • I didn't write it in the list but the thing that hurt me and provoked me most was was being mistaken for being my son's grandmother (had experienced it several times) Now it is obvious that I am his mom. 
I tell you to buy this book and read it; but if you do not have strong sources that can support you you make go to therapy, don't be ashamed. It is not as expensive as you think. It is similar to the amount you pay for dietitian or sports center. Not everyone has a pychologist like I have who can recommend the right book and lead you right... 
A friend of mine had told me "If someone tells you that weight becomes you, she cannot be your friend, don't believe her" I guess that's true. Yes, fat or thin I am still me, but extra weight becomes no one. It doesn't change your personality, but makes your life more difficult. The goal is not to be like a stick, but to have a healthy body 
Since my first article, many people have contacted me (acquaintances or not). They have asked for support or advice. As I tell everyone, I am no doctor, dietitian, or pyscholgist. I told my friend's that I can just advise them based on my experience, showing what I have eaten; but I can be a support as a friend. 'Cause I know that many people can not get disciplined if they don't pay money or report to someone. This time, I am on my own in this adventure, at the same time I am not: 'cause when there are people taking me as an example I can not blow my diet for not setting a bad example. Sometimes I call or text my close friends to ask how it is going tryign to be the voice of their conscious.  Because it is better for good or worse together. It is my great pleasure to be a cause to people to start dieting, getting rid of the vicious circle after reading my first article saying "why can't I do it" although their relatives had been begging them to do it for a long time. It is so nice to see people to step into a healthier life away from depression without any profit motive.  Even funnier, a close friend of mine has quit smoking after reading my article, in order to control her will. We said "It should be the side-effect of this article" and laughed. Not only drugs have side-effects right? :))))
And please consult a doctor:I am consulting both a primary care physician and our internist. Especially if you have special conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc you MUST get help from your doctor for adjusting your med dozes. A diet you can do on your own may risk your life. My mom is a diabetic and we have experienced this. If you do not consult your doctor and adjust your med doze your blood sugar may drop extremely and may risk your life. Because the dozes are adjusted thinking that your carbs intake will be immense. Your med doze will be too much for you with Not just Dukan, with even any other diet with no or low-carbs and therefore must be adjusted. Many doctors find it healthier too lose weight and be healthy than be confined to meds. Drugs have side effects... Attention, don't misunderstand meds are needed, don't quit them, only your doctor may tell your to quit or change the doze. Always consult your doctors. For example, my uncle who is a diabetic has lost 7 kg's during the attack phase and his blood sugar level has decreased. After a short-while (edema or not) he has lost a lot and has quit taking insulin (not himself by the doctors orders) 'cause his blood sugar levels were great. 
Another aspect of this diet is constipation. It is unavoidable especially if you perform a long attack phase. If you have bowel problems get help from a a gastroenterologist. A friend of mine applying a 10 days of attack phase, she had to go to the hospital on the 9th because she had bowel problems. She now keeps dieting with the help of a doctor. To avoid constipation, drinking water, eating vegetables in the second phase, eating fiber food, never missing the oatbran is very important...
Dukan is repeating over and over again in his book "Don't apply this diet if you don't drink water" I asked the doctor and she said the uric acid may increase otherwise. Only if you have gout then it is very risky, then drinking water is not enough to avoid excess proteins intake.
By the way, this diet is not a diet like Atkins where fat and delicatessen is allowed, therefore your cholesterol level doesn't make a peak. Yet if you are in the risk group, please advise your doctor for other elements. If you do not hear it from your doctor, do not believe in the telltales of prejudiced people blackmailing Dukan as "bad for your heart, bad for your cholesterol"
These are what I have learned, you can learn a lot form your doctor. 
You can read this article, too; it has summarized it well.
For those who are asking me what I am eating, and if I am applying a menu, please read my next article...
Now the photos:
2011-2012 my birthdays
 to be able to wear white!!!
to be able to wear striped 
high heel passion
have started sports
my recent look, the closest look to the real me
it is motivating to get dressed up for sports

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