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4 Haziran 2014 Çarşamba

To the ones who ask me what has happened to me: How I lost 20 kg's with Dukan diet

To the ones who ask me what has happened to me: How I lost 20 kg's with Dukan diet

Nowadays, either by mail or face to face, people are asking me how I changed and what I am doing for it. Even people who don't know me at all.

Here is the answer:
After I gave birth, I had an open surgery (cyst operation) and encountered a nerve entrapment. Just as I was losing my birth weight, I had to lie down for 3 weeks due to this complication and gained weight again. I gained more and more as time passed by.
For 2,5 years, I had no nerve to diet. Even when I was watching TV, I was looking at how thin people are and on the contrary I was getting up and eating more. I was in a vicious circle.
Don't misunderstand: thank God I was never jealous, just envious... Yet when I was looking at some thin people I was telling myself “Look, she has two kids etc., but she is so thin, you can do it, too, You are ruining yourself”, but my body (actually my weaknesses) was getting ahead of my mind and forcing me to eat.
Although due to my dieting history, I knew how to lose weight, moreover how to eat right, I had no power to do it.
I've just attended the aerobics/pilates lessons in our complex last year. For 5 days a week I did sports daily (sometimes twice a day) and although I ate enormously, I shrinked 2 sizes by summer. But this year, I couldn't attend the lessons since the hours were colliding with my son's sleep hours, so I just dieted.
Hopefully, I will diet and do sports simultaneously by September or October.
This is the only way to be a chick... By the way, I took my son to sports with me winter/summer. My sports buddies have witnessed that he climbed on me most of the time, I did it with more effort due to the extra weight on me, I carried him etc. Now he loves sports, too.
A friend of mine with the same circumstances have started Dukan Diet on new years, yet I haven't got the nerve to start. By the push of my friend and husband at the end of October, I have started dieting on Feb 1st. I hadn't even bought the book at the time. I had a vague knowledge. I bought the book 6 days later. I wish I had bought it before I have started it... 'Cause I didn't know that garlic, onion, parsley was allowed at the first stage. I didn't use non-fat products during the attack stage which I have applied for 10 days since I was obese. As someone who doesn't like to drink water and uses salt in abundance, I didn't drink much water which is so unhealthy (I was lucky that I had no harm). I had constipation problem since I hadn't used oatbran.
Yet, I loved this diet very much. Why? Eat whenever you want and how much you want. It means that there are no limitations like 5 spoonfuls or 100 grams. There is no such thing as don't eat at night. I can't do without eating at night since I spend a lot of time with my laptop at night time.
The first stage is a bit strict, but it has a detox effect and since you lose a lot of weight it motivates you. When you lose 1-2 kg's only, you don't have the will to go on.
Also, on other diets, one can find vegetables harder outside, yet you can easily find grilled meat, etc. When you ask for yogurt next to your meat, instead of chips you can easily apply this diet. And chicken/meat/fish salad on veggy days.
For 2 months, I had no leak in my diet. I strictly followed the rules and lost 12 kg's. At the end of March, I had gall-blader surgery (my blood samples came out great) and I changed my diet a bit since I wasn't allowed to eat eggs for some time. I was so strict that I even was eating hospital food according to my diet. I even took my Dukan oatbran cakes to the hospital:
2 spoonfuls of oat bran+2 sp sweetener+1 egg+(baking soda if you wish)+(aroma/cacao/lemon zest/cinnamon etc if you wish)+(a bit of milk if you wish)
At first I was mixing it all and cooked it in a pan. Thereafter; I started cooking it in microwave. I was mixing it all in a glass bowl and then cooking it in the same bowl in micro for 3 mins.
Nowadays, I cooked it in Tchibo silicone muffin cups in microwave some days as salty/spicy and some days as sweet cakes. It pops out so easily. The diet cake is ready in 5 mins (2 mix+3 cook)
I even took it with me on my home visits; 'cause the hostess is often in a haste to decide what to serve.

Afterwards, a bit bored by the 1/1 system (1 day proteins/ 1 day veggy+proteins), I ate vegetables everyday and lost 3 more kg's till the end of May.
By June I had lost 20 kg's. Even if I ate some cakes, chocolate, and ice cream in May.
During summer vacation I couldn't withhold my will-power and ate in abundance and gained 3 kg's. For the last 1 month this ravenous state is going on. Yet I haven't gained more weight. I am still -17 kg's thinner than my start point.
But it is time to take the reins 'cause I still have to lose 25-28 kg's more.
I had gained 45 kg's after I got married.
Since I have a round face, my cheeks go enormous and my extra weight shows. My eyes become slanted like Japanese when I smile. There are even people who have asked me who that is when they see my wedding pictures. It's not a joke!!! I had neighbors, friends who couldn't recognize me. Most people bewail for me saying “how beautiful were you” when they see my wedding pictures.
At the time when I had lost 20 kg's with the help of Dr. Osman Bulutlar, people (and of course me too) adored my figure even though I had 12 more to lose. They didn't want to understand why I was still trying to lose more.
I no longer wanted people to mistook my son as my grandson; I wanted to be thin and beautiful again. I didn't want my size 40 feet to pass even size 41 and I wanted to be able to wear high heels again. I wanted to be able wear skirts and dresses too, not just pants. I wanted to be able to do my own pedicure, tie my shoelaces easily. I wanted to go back to my more feminine look. As someone with knee problems, waist and neck hernias, I wanted to be healthier and be able to play with my son more easily. Reasons like these have motivated me.
Now, my sister who is a clinical psychologist ( has asked me to set a date to go on with my diet and I have promised her, and started my diet again this Monday. I will even support the ones who will diet with me (like dad and mom) 'cause people get motivated more with support.
I am thinking of eating vegetables+proteins together everyday. Maybe once a week I may eat proteins. Maybe after I lose a bit, I may eat fruits ('cause even people like me who don't like fruits yearns for cool fruits in summer)

I don't believe in people who say that Dukan is harmful. Our family doctor approves it too. As Dr. Mehmet Oz says illnesses due to obesity is more harmful than the worst diet. This diet is not a fat-allowed diet like Atkins. It doesn't elevate your cholesterol levels. On the contrary, it has refined people's diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. At least, I have less aches and can move more easily.
Nevertheless, consult your doctor.
This is all by now... This is the 3rd day of my diet and I have already lost 1 kg (even pre-mens)
Yes this is me, I was once thin
Then I gained weight and nobody recognized me when I became a full-moon face
I lost 20 kg's with Dr. Osman Bulutlar
I was thinner even when I was pregnant or breastfeeding
I became obese after giving birth and my cyst surgery
I was so glad that I was able to wear a dress

By the time I had my gall-bladder op I had already lost 12 kg's in 2 months

June-20 kg

 After summer vacation in July 17 kg (3 kg's gained)

You can take a look at this article by BlogcuAnne for sports, and notice the reason for your problems:
PS: I have told you that my mom won't be able to apply Dukan Diet 'cause she is diabetic and has to eat carbs, I have consulted our internist and she has told me that it is nonsense. I guess some dietitians see Dukan as a rival and therefore do not approve it. My mom is a diabetic and we have experienced this. If you do not consult your doctor and adjust your med doze your blood sugar may drop extremely and may risk your life. Because the dozes are adjusted thinking that your carbs intake will be immense. Your med doze will be too much for you with Not just Dukan, with even any other diet with no or low-carbs and therefore must be adjusted. Many doctors find it healthier too lose weight and be healthy than be confined to meds. Drugs have side effects... Attention, don't misunderstand meds are needed, don't quit them, only your doctor may tell your to quit or change the doze. Always consult your doctors. For example, my uncle who is a diabetic has lost 7 kg's during the attack phase and his blood sugar level has decreased. After a short-while (edema or not) he has lost a lot and has quit taking insulin (not himself by the doctors orders) 'cause his blood sugar levels were great. My mom and dad has decided to to it, too. Always, consult your doctor. 

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